AR insurance

An application of Unity 3D , where in we have created an immersive solution for our client, where in insurance agents can sell insurance plans to customers via Augmented reality , showing them run time risk , cost calculations and benifits involved with insurance.

Robo war

An adrenaline-fueled battlegrounds of Robo Wars, a cutting-edge gaming experience powered by Unity 3D. Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding action as mechanized warriors clash in intense, futuristic arenas. With Unity 3D's advanced game development, Robo Wars delivers stunning graphics and immersive gameplay that catapults you into the epicenter of robotic warfare. Customize your battle-ready bots, strategize with precision, and engage in intense combat scenarios that will push your skills to the limit. Join the ultimate clash of metal and circuits, where Unity 3D technology brings the future of gaming to life in every electrifying moment of Robo Wars.

Eden game

The game is all about doing fun and fill the entire world with the interesting and beautiful items. For filling each and every items there are some sort of logic and process to follow, for all the buildings and lands each use a measuring unit called GM which stands for Game Meters.

The game has more than 30 assets which will be filled by the user at the time he/she will join the game. unleash your creativity to craft intricate designs, and explore vast, endless worlds filled with surprises. Eden's game engine transforms ordinary blocks into tools of creation and destruction, paving the way for limitless possibilities.