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At Augurs, web designing & development services combine creativity with technical expertise to produce cutting edge solutions for businesses of all sizes. We have the good knowledge in website designing and development, years of experience, and flexibility to provide a cost-effective package for your business website which can include designing and developing a new website from scratch or redesigning an existing company website.

Our individual and business web designing & development services are based on the principles of a visually attractive and user-friendly design. We creat your website using the highest web standards to ensure that it is visible from as many platforms and by as many people as possible and is both Search Engine Friendly (SEF) and mobile-friendly (“responsive” websites adapt to all types of screens for an optimal user experience no matter the viewing platform – smartphone, tablet or desktop). We aim to ensure that your website combines the highest quality design and fulfill all SEO friendly website standards.

Augurs understand the importance of getting your site noticed by customers and we combine our standards compliant coding with attractive web site design to produce a great user experience that will attract repeat custom.

Augurs offer a bespoke business website development service and can provide a Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you to update your own website content in your own time.

At Augurs, we follow a distinct methodology:

  • Study our client’s requirement/business model and competitors’ websites.
  • Create a list of website requirements/features based on the business model studied.
  • Create a custom web design (and logo if necessary) based on the business model and features required ensuring our client is always kept in the loop during the design process.
  • Provide web hosting.
  • Develop and deploy the approved design.
  • Enter content for the website.
  • Stress test the website.
  • Optimize the website to be search engine friendly.
  • Engage a team of non-professional users to use the site and provide feedback on its usability and overall design.
  • Submit to search engines.
  • Market the website.
  • Analyze website performance.
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We provide highly digitilized applications, software and web development services with variety and cope up with rapidly accelerating technologies across globally.

Stages 1 through 3 are standard steps to be followed for any web design project, steps 4 through 5 to be followed for development of the web design.

Our professionals with great industry knowledge & 6 years of expertise ensure that your business reaches unrivaled position & sets a new level of success. Email us for quick inquiry: info@augurs.in