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5 short & sweet ways to use social media to grow your business

Use of Social Media Marketing in Brand Management


Use of Social Media Marketing is a blessing for your brand management. It has the power to make your small business, a brand in your industry. According to a survey, one-third of the world’s population on social media is projected to hit a whopping 3.02 billion active users per month by 2021. 

This means if you are not focused on building a strong connection with your targeted audience and building trust for your brand in this year, then you can lose most of your customers or your customers can choose your competitors.

In today’ time, everyone uses social media. All are aware, how to post images, how to comment, how to like. But they are complaining they don’t know how to use social media marketing for their own business. This time use social media skills for your business with some additional killing strategies, tricks, and tips. 

In this article, I am going to share my own experience in social media marketing.

1. Use social media to advertise your brand to your targeted audience:

You have created a really fine eye-catching image with offers for engagement and published it on your social media pages. That’s all fine. But you are just at the first step of your social media branding. Your second step is to join the related groups to reach out to your targeted audience or customers, share your page because as many likes or followers you have on your social media accounts, you’re gonna kill the social media marketing.

2. Choose content type before publishing it on your social media business page:

According to GoodFirms data, visual contents including photos, videos, memes are the first choice of users. Text messages are the second most preferable with 70% of respondents indicating they prefer text in social media. 

Here is the breakdown of the most preferable content-type:


3. Use social media to drive traffic:

Facebook paid advertising is the best way to drive traffic. It is not costly. You can generate a lot of business in a little investment. With over 1.4 billion users every day. This is not the problem, whether your customers are scrolling or not. Problem is, while scrolling, are they finding your page or not. So in social media marketing targeting the right audience with the right offer is bless. 

4. Build Brand awareness by using influencers on social media who market your products:

Here I am giving a real example. You are watching Youtube videos every day. Did you notice, popular YouTubers suggest you for an App, website to download and use by explaining some interesting features of the App? And most of the time you download the app and use it. Yes, they are marketing for these products. If you have a good budget and you want to promote your business and make brand awareness asap, use these social media influencers to give a boost to your internet or social media marketing.   

5. Tell your brand story on social media and differentiate yourself from your competitors:

Everyone, including your customers, loves to listen to a good story. Don’t forget, every human being makes decisions with emotions and justifies it with logic. So, If you want your brand to stand out, tell your brand story on all social media networks and differentiate your brand from competitors. Build a deep connection and trust with your audience and earn customer’s loyalty.

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