Ultimate Guide on Facebook Image Size Dimensions

Ultimate Guide on Facebook Image Size Dimensions


Gonna change your profile image, business’s profile image or cover photo this year?


Remember the Facebook Image Size !


When you know the perfect Facebook Image Size, your half problem of gaining engagement and likes solve automatically. 


Whether It is your new business or existing small or large scale business, Profile photo and cover photo plays a vast role. Not only for businesses, profile & cover photo is necessary for your self profile too. 


If you want to pop and get more likes on Facebook, most images on Facebook including cover photo and your ad images should comply with official Facebook Image size dimensions.


Suppose, you have created an informative and pretty good image for ad promotion/profile picture or cover photo. Nothing worse while uploading the image on Facebook, finding out the dimensions are wrong. 


Your images need to look fantastic, when somebody is scrolling your page or profile on mobile phones.


It is true that an image is worth more than a thousand words. And Facebook ensures you that you can effectively communicate and put your thoughts and experiences with the help of high-quality images. 


After all, facebook is a leading social media platform, so, it is important that your approach should be as informative as you need.  


Image Size for Facebook matters:


We are becoming more possessive when it comes to using social networks. We never go through the page or profile which has posts of no interest. Would you like any image of low quality, have low resolution or pixelated images.  


The answer is No !


Certainly, a pixelated low quality image provokes rejection and low engagement and reveals a low-quality brand. 


All social media networks have their own importance. But in this article we’ll go through the right Facebook Photo dimensions to use and its variations. Let’s start……….


Glimpse of Facebook Image Size Dimensions:


Always remember, in social media, you don’t tell a story, you show it.


Research proves when a post comes with a relevant image it receives 75% more likes, 120% more engagements and almost 80% more clicks on its attached link. 


We’ll go through the full details below in the article.


Here I am giving you a glimpse of all recommended images sizes on Facebook.


Recommended Official Facebook Image Size


Facebook Profile Images:


  • Profile Photo: 2048 x 2048 Pixels; ratio: 1:1
  • Profile Picture on Timeline: 40 x 40 Pixels; ratio: 1:1
  • Cover Photo: 2037 x 754 Pixels; ratio: 2.7:1


Facebook Page Images:


  • Profile Photo: 2048 x 2048 Pixels; ratio: 1:1
  • Cover Photo: 1958 x 745; ratio: 2.63:1


Facebook Group Images:


  • Profile Photo: N/A
  • Cover Photo: 1640 x 922 Pixels; ratio: 1.78:1


Facebook Event Images: 


  • Profile Photo: N/A
  • Cover Photo: 1000 x 524 Pixels; ratio: 1.91:1


Facebook Photo Post Images (In the news feed): 

  • All aspects: 2048 pixels (width)
  • Square: 2048 x 2048 pixels 
  • Portrait: 2048 x 3072 pixels 
  • Landscape: 2048 x 1149 pixels 

Facebook Link Post Images (In the News Feed): 


  • Featured Image: 1200 x 628 Pixels


Facebook Page Ad Images:


  • Desktop News Feed: 1200 x 628 pixels 
  • Desktop Sidebar Ad: 254 x 133 pixels 
  • Mobile News Feed: 560 x 292 pixels 
  • Image Posts: 2048 pixels wide 
  • Image Posts (Mobile): 626 x 840 pixels 

Facebook Page Like Ad Images: 


  • Desktop: 1200 x 400 Pixels
  • Slidebar: 254 x 94 Pixels
  • Mobile: 560 x 208 Pixels


Okay! Overview is wrapped up. 


Now let’s start with the full details. We will look forward to visual elements on facebook profile and pages, then move on to Facebook groups and event images & so on….


Facebook Profile Photo: Facebook profile photo as known as display pic is the most important photo you have on Facebook for both your profile and for your business page.


Your profile photo is displayed not only in your profile page but also on your posts in the new feed, on the groups where you shared any content, on the comments, search results and across facebook whenever your profile or page is referred or shown. 


The profile photo is the face of your brand then obviously you will put a lot of effort to make it good.


Here Image size plays an important role. There is nothing difficult here because the image is a square image. The question is at what resolution and how big you want to upload the image. 


So, the recommended size is 2048 x 2048 Pixels. 


Facebook Profile Cover Photo: 


It is the Foremost big landscape on the top of your Facebook Profile page.  


Facebook Profile Cover photo is the illustration of  your personality or here you can show your skills, you are passionate about.


In case of your Facebook Business Page, you can showcase your USPs (Unique Selling point), Your services, Why you are the best, etc in your cover photo. 


The recommended image size for facebook cover photo is 2037 x 754 Pixels.


Facebook Page Cover Photo:


There is no difference between Facebook personal profile and Facebook page but they differ with respect to the available design. 


On the Facebook cover photo, the profile photo overlaps the image and a call to action button takes up space at the right corner of the cover photo. So design the cover image of facebook page accordingly. 


The recommended image size for Facebook Page cover photo is 1958 x 745 Pixels.


Facebook Group Cover Photo: 


When you create a group and want that people will join your group. You can take help with the Group cover photo. You can tell people what your group is all about? 


This one is somewhat tricky to just get right. But it’s just doable.


Basically the recommended image size for group image is  1640 x 922 Pixels but later you can adjust the image vertically in a viewable area. 

It takes a little time and effort but you’ll get it done right. 


Facebook Event Cover Photo:  


In your event cover photo you can showcase your discounts or passes. Same function as mentioned above but the another set of size. 


You can upload a high resolution event cover photo of 1000 x 524 Pixels recommended size.


You don’t need to adjust the size. But you should test it to make sure it pops!


Facebook Image Posts (In News Feed): 


This can be complicated when you upload multiple square, landscape and portrait images simultaneously.


To make things simple, try to post high resolution images as much as possible. Make sure to upload 2048 Pixel (Both height & width) size of images.


Work on the above mentioned way and you are good to go for your post.


Facebook Link Posts (In News Feed):


You have only one image size for the featured image of your blog posts.


If you are an active blogger then you should remember this. The ideal image size for the featured image of the blog post is 1200 x 628 Pixels.


Facebook Page Ad Images:


If you want to make sure that your campaign works amazingly and you get value for your money, you must work hard on images and their sizes.


Facebook set the different size for the page ad images. The recommended size is 1600 x 628 Pixels. Facebook resizes the image size, regardless of where it is shown.


In mobile feed, it is automatically converted in 560 x 292 pixels.


Compatible image size on Facebook:


While uploading an image on Facebook, which image format would be good. JPG or PNG? PNG is good for large images like Facebook Cover Photo.


The reason for using PNG images as cover images of Facebook Page is you’ll avoid pixelated images and get high quality images which reflect the best part of your business.    


Final Words: Maximize the benefits, you get from your images on facebook. Certainly, images are not static, use them correctly to increase your brand awareness and engagement. Sometimes, images can be decisive in strategy to attract followers, especially the cover photo of Facebook pages. 


So how are your images on Facebook? Do comment and share your views on how facebook images affect your business.

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