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Software Development Services Hong Kong

Software Development Services

Augurs Technologies Software Development Team offers a demonstrated service that can Build, Preserve, and Boost Enterprise Systems to deliver value to Your Business. Augurs Technologies’s delivery model is based on the agile development methodology for fast changing business needs.

Customized Enterprise Software Development

Augurs is a professional software development company. Our experienced software developers will work with you to design, develop, and implement a customized, full-spectrum enterprise solution based on your company’s challenges and goals. This is the best option for companies with distinctive properties and processes which cannot be well served out-of-the-box software.

We have a proven track record of developing customized software that works well across all major platforms and also helping clients adapt to new technologies.

Benefits of Million Tech Custom Software Development
  • Improve Productivity
  • Save Time & Money
  • Scalable for Growth
  • Take Care Information Security
Enhance your business performance with Our Custom-made Software Solutions for your company
  • Web and Mobile- Our software developers have extensive experience in building and integrating web and mobile applications for task scheduling, staff management, reporting, payment processing, etc.
  • Desktop Applications- We build desktop applications which access hardware resources and use low-level graphics engine for performance reasons, for example, Point of Sales System.
  • Efficient Data Capture Options- When developing custom-made software solutions, we take advantage of various input mechanisms including Hardware Sensor, Barcode, QR Code, RIFD, or Data Terminal.
  • Cloud Integration- We specialize in building scalable Cloud-based solutions that can take advantage of existing cloud applications.
We provide highly digitilized applications, software, and web development services with variety and cope up with rapidly accelerating technologies across globally.

What we do

Enterprise Web Applications

Leverage the benefits of web applications – Available to your employees and customers anytime, anywhere, deliver smooth enhances, connect with social networks and access advanced analysis and tracking.

Enterprise Business Systems

Need a new system developed from scratch? Enhancements, support and maintanance including but not limited to internets, task tracking, budget, inventory and point of sale systems.

Agility and Efficiency

We overture rapid and constant approach to software development. This allows us to swiftly and extensively deliver high-quality software solutions.

Enterprise Mobility Applications

Android, iPhone, Tablets and Windows Phone applications that integrate with your existing systems and provide superior convenience to your customers and users.

Legacy Systems

We are professional in the supervision of critical legacy systems, replacing or updating them with new technologies to extend their useful life.

Project Recovery

If you’ve terminated a relationship with an existing provider and need to pick up the pieces or need resources to help a struggling internal team – We help get troubled projects back on track to meet your business needs and deadlines.