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Custom Software Solutions Germany

Software Development

Do you want to reach optimal efficiency in the organization of your projects? Our large scope of end-to-end software development services can help your business outrun the competition.

Augurs team of professional engineers, developers, and consultants can provide strong expertise at every phase of your project: inception, analysis, design, development, quality assurance, and test automation, deployment, maintenance, and support. Starting cooperation with our company, you get a software engineering assistant to construct a bug-free business application. Our experts can also help you build an embedded solution from scratch.

Augurs software development company Germany rely on Agile methodologies, effectively managing workflow complexities and stringent deadlines. We are those who adapt to your specific requirements in the development of a custom solution. If you need an engineering partner who speaks your language, understands your needs and expectations, and always aims at delivering added value to your business, then our company is a perfect choice to successfully outsource your small, medium or large software engineering projects.

Most importantly, our IT specialists are proficient in a range of state-of-the-art technologies and engineering practices to deliver a high-end software product that meets your business goals.

What we offer

  • Software development specialists with expertise in all standard technologies, programming languages, tools, and methods.
  • Java/Java EE programming specialists with a strong market reputation (through numerous publications and presentations).
  • Open to all technologies, including open source projects as well.
  • Use of agile methods for incremental implementation and test drove development.
  • Technology leader thanks to our in-house research and development activities.

How you benefit

  • A leading-edge technological solution that also meets the highest quality standards.
  • Results-based specification of your requirements, without any unnecessary technical feature bloat.
  • Budget-minded implementation and rapid results.
  • Possibility to influence the process thanks to a collaborative and iterative approach.
  • Risk minimization and quality assurance.

By Platform

  • Custom NET Development
  • Custom PHP Development
  • Custom Laravel Development
  • Custom Yii Development
  • Custom Zend Development
  • Custom Magento Development
  • Custom Node. JS Development
  • Custom Java Development
  • Custom Angular JS Development
  • Custom Ruby on Rails Development
software development

By Solution

  • Custom ERP Development
  • Custom CRM Development
  • Custom EDM Development
  • Custom BPM Development
  • Custom eCommerce Development
  • Media Streaming Development
  • Custom e-Learning Development
  • Custom SAAS Development
  • Custom Mobile Development
We provide highly digitilized applications, software, and web development services with variety and cope up with rapidly accelerating technologies across globally.

Services we offer

ERP Software

Our team has deep knowledge and expertise in management systems development. We design ERP, HRM, CRM, task management systems, and applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

HRM Software

Augurs develop Human Resource Management (HRM) systems to aid to businesses’ inner processes, such as employee scheduling, the hiring process monitoring, time tracking, performance evaluation etc.

CRM Software

A company’s CRM system is the key to their success. Our team understands that, and that is why we build the systems that ensure a company stays up-to-date with the information and processes concerning their customers.

Accounting Software

Augurs, Software Development Company Germany build accounting information systems tailored to the specifics of our clients’ businesses. Depending on the size of the business and scope of their everyday processes, such systems can include a variety of modules to meet their individual needs.

Enterprise Portals

We develop Enterprise Information Portals (EIP) that integrate and store all the information about the processes and people involved in the business. Enterprise portals provide a secure unified access point in the form of a web-based user interface.

Intranet and Extranet

Our intranet and extranet solutions serve as the integrated entry point into a client’s business processes by providing fast and regulated access to all corporate information for customers’ partners or suppliers.