Supply Chain Management

A supply chain management software that controls complete flow of construction process starting from vendor selection to contract delivery and maintenance that saves the overall cost of construction and development for real estate industry. Major Modules include Vendor, Tender, Contract, Material Ordering and Procurement.


The Major Modules included in the package are mentioned below

  1. Tender Module
  2. Vendor Module
  3. Contract Module
  4. Admin Module

Main Features

Supply Chain Management controls all of the processes of a construction company starting from Vendor selection, including complete tendering process to Contract and maitainiance program. All of the intermediate functions are automated through this system

Vender Module

  • eRecommend, where internal user's can recommend some known vendors
  • Vendor approvals, Different intermediate steps are there for approval with differnt level group users, and all this process is completely automated and can be customized itself.
  • Vendor Login is there to allow vender to input all his information including financial, package details and his previous sample works and factory information.
  • Data cleaning and Credit check process is there to ensure that the vendor information is correct and vendor credit history is good.
  • Sample projects visit report is being maintained to ensure his past works
  • eApraise module is there for vendor appraisals
  • Vendor forum is there for forum discussion on any vendor with some specific group of users.
  • Regular Vendor profile updates.
  • Watchlist option is there to keep track of some special vendor to track their activity for certain time.

Tender Module

  • Project management
  • Tender Creation and Vendor selection for that tender
  • Issue tender to vendors
  • Tender return process is there for returning tender with required documents and price information, it has both online/offline return options
  • Tender Query, Messaging part is there if we have any clarification needed on any items from vendors
  • Best offer module is there for negotiation process of amounts from vendor
  • Tender analysis, Tender Report section is there for comparision of quotation of different vendors for items.
  • Finally after all these process we have Tender award module to manage the Award of tenders to different vendors through an interactive process.
  • Approvals, all these processes have intermediate approval processes to perform different actions.

Contract Module

  • After tender award we have Generate Contract option, which will create a contract with vendor for the awarded items.
  • Letter of Award module is there to send the contract related summary to vendor and to get is confirmation on that
  • Contract Book, Contract Items document and approval is there with internal team and agreement with vendor is done
  • Contract archive is there to maitain all kind of contract documentation, maintainance agreements etc
  • Including these, there are multiple types of contracts like General contract, Framework Contracts, Call off contracts are there to create contracts from previous contracts and to manage up-stream and down-stream contracts as well.

Admin Module

  • Admin user has all rights to do site setting, manage approval process, manage user group accesses, reporting and user management.
  • Also there are many interactive libraries and user customizable functions are there to make it more user friendly and interactive.

Software Information

Regular Licence

  • 12 Months Support
  • Buyer Rating :-   star star star star star

Technologies Used

  • Created- 19 Nov 2018.
  • Last Update- 01 July 2020.
  • Compatible Browsers- Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Safari
  • Technology Used- Asp.Net, C#, Angular, MSSQL
  • Software Version- 1.3

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