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Retail Management, Supply Chain Management, Hospitals Information Management, School ERP, Invoicing, Accounting, Point of Sale, We have everything up our sleeve.

Hospital Management System

A Windows and Web based Electronic Medical History Record (EMHR) scalable product for hospitals, clinics and their branches to offer enhanced patient care while achieving operational efficiency and maximizing revenue. A turn key software solution for your hospital with modules like OPD, IPD, Pharmacy, Pathology, OT, Blood Bank, Finance –books maintenance, Inventory & Stock Management

Supply Chain Management

A supply chain management software that controls complete flow of construction process starting from vendor selection to contract delivery and maintenance that saves the overall cost of construction and development for real estate industry. Major Modules include Vendor, Tender, Contract, Material Ordering and Procurement

Form Builder

An Application that enable developers and users to build the database system easily and quickly. With the assist of Form builder, it is simple to build eCommerce website, client/ stock inventory system, human resources system and more. The Geli Form Generator also shorten the time to modify the user interface design and content management.

School Management System

A web-based School Management System that enables school to use and operate many of integrated interrelated modules and manage the administration of school efficiently. Major Modules include Time Table, Attendance, Fees, Transport, Inventory, Examination and Report.

Point of Sale

An Application that enables your business to accept all types and forms of payments right from Credit & Debit processing app. Explore and see how it can help you with in-store, mobile and invoicing payments. accept all major credit cards by using our credit or debit card reader that wirelessly connects to your tablet or smartphone.

Professional Labor Management

Professional Labor Management is the best software tool for staffing projects related to material handling in the supply chain industry. Manage everything from cost projections and time tracking to built-in performance reviews and pinpointing locations giving you ultimate control and the most flexible options to customize and build a team that fits your needs.

Inventory Management System

With IMS, retailers can track theirs orders, inventory and shipments across all of their online sales channels as well as analyse team performance across functions and locate inventory in the warehouse. The system also provides users with real-time updates about their business via a reporting and analytics feature.

Order Management System

Software for placing orders from sales representatives or directly by stores, orders listing store wise, tracking the delivery and shipping with different statuses, partial delivery can also be done for items. Managing store items checking stock history.

Legal Search Engine

Legal background check on your clients, vendors and business partners, Our extensive database makes it easy to identify high-risk cleints, multiple claim activities, bankruptcy, winding up orders and more.