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AUGURS technologies offers the best-in-class mobile applications at competitive pricing that meet your evolving organizational goals. Our expertise mobile app developers build your application with latest technologies and deliver after a series of quality assurance testing. Experience the innovation in your business with our exceptional business-specific mobile applications.

Apparel & Textile industry

Our next generation textile application will seamlessly integrate with the existing systems and offer extensive benefits for all users in the industry.

The textile app aids all garments and apparel industries by coordinating with the users to track the workflows and helps in knitting, raw material processing, fabric or garments processing and other textile processes.

Education and training

Our comprehensive educational application benefits the teachers, students, and parents. The app effectively interacts with parents and students and make learning a fun. It builds students interest in studies and enhance their educational capability. Our educational and training application comes with student-friendly features and also enables the teachers to access online notes, syllabus, and other required features.

Travel Booking

The travel app automates all process from invoice, billing to contacting travel executives by coordinating with the transport service provider. It offers excellent security and facilities in hotel booking, ticket booking, travel insurance and other useful options. The application is best suitable for travelers, travel agency and transport providers

Real Estate

Real estate app provides the best visualization of the properties, provides access to the location-based statistics to make you informed with more property information.

It provides the contact details of real estate firms or property owners and offers a diverse of options to find, buy and sell the properties.

Online News Portal

Online news portal app categories the latest news in an effective manner to offer the real-time news in one touch. It provides the recent stories, events, breaking news and trending topics with detailed information. The reader-friendly app gets updated automatically with current news and provides widgets, notifications, and other helpful features.

Health care

Our excellent hospital management app makes the hospitals to go paperless by seamlessly integrating with existing systems and enables the patients and doctors to access the medical records through a mobile app. The app enables the user to fix hospital appointments, call nurses for emergencies and view the patient’s medical history.


CRM mobile application is the best way to access the important information such as purchase data, account history, purchased products and pricing data on the go. It improves sales performance by reducing sales cycle and provides new opportunities. Mobile CRM assists in obtaining customer insights and helps in planning and production


Fashion industry is highly benefited with the mobile application. It improves customer engagement and assists in sending promotional notifications of new products or offers, improves sales and widens the business reach.


Food application benefits both restaurants and customers by providing location-based deals, facilitating referral programs, improve food orders, assists in restaurant reservation and enables restaurant users to send push notifications to customers. With our food mobile application, increase your customer visits and sales performance.

  • Scope
  • Suitable App Design Analysis
  • Technical Specification
  • Planning & Approval
  • Research & Design
  • Requirement & Data Model
  • Framing Functionality
  • Look Definition & Artwork
  • Development, Testing & Delivery
  • Technical & Functional Application
  • Code Testing
  • Releasing Final Version of App
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