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Our Search engine optimization services enhance your website traffic through organic search rankings. The process includes optimizing the quality of each web page to make it more navigable, rapid and user-friendly. In todays business world, millions of users are seraching in the search engines to obtain the relevant answers. Most of those people access the top five ranking websites in the SERP (search engine results page); if your website is ranked below than the competitors, you may not reach your targeted audience. At AUGURS technologies, we not only care about your search rankings but, also enhance the user experience and performance of your website.


We include all external factors involved in improving your website ranking in our off page seo service. We build quality backlinks by posting niche-specific content, promoting in social media, guest blogging and reaching people through email marketing. Our successful off-page SEO strategy increases traffic to your website, enhance the page rank between 0 to 10 and improves audience exposure. SEO practices are like a fuel for a business, never ending process which lies in the sequence of positive events from driving visitors to the website to rising the sales conversions.

We work on the top keywords in your website or blog to make your business visible to the global audience. Our experienced and skilled SEO experts maintain the user trust with the social media presence and promote your products or services on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other major social media websites.


Our Website traffic analytics service will measure the type of traffic, type of users, their behaviour, their demography etc, analyze your marketing condition and enhance the quality of your website. By tracking the performance of the website through Google Analytics, we identify the count of visitors to your website, understand customer expectations and search behavior, find new opportunities, identify your online competition, and track the evolving trends in your industry.


We work on competitor analysis by following these four step process which involves in identifying your potential competitors, validating your core competitors, comparing the competitor progress and finding relevant links and keywords.


Link building is one of the top and best  services in off page SEO; building more external links will count your online reputation and outshine all your competitors in search engine ranking page. We creates quality and quantity links that are relevant to your website to enhance the search engine reputation and improve the search traffic from the link source.

  • Title tag optimization with relevant keywords
  • Keyword rich URL to enhance ranking position
  • Adding title modifiers
  • Inclusion of H1 and H2 tags with targeted keywords
  • Engaging users with multimedia content
  • Social media integration
  • Boosting site speed
  • Content optimisation
  • Creating quality inbound and outbound links
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Enhance your inbound traffic with our effective SEO services

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