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Rich Internet Application

Dedicated RIA developers
Rapid development
Latest tools and technologies are used
Meet unique customer requirements
Custom rich Internet applications
Developed based on W3C standards
On-time delivery
Cost-effective pricing

Advanced technologies to build effective applications

Our Rich Internet application development service implements advanced technologies to build effective applications that avoid the complexity of installation and works independently in all web browsers.

With the advancements of the Internet, the needs for Internet applications are evolving among people. Rich Internet application is a web application or browser-based application which does not require additional software installation and runs independently on sandbox. RIA is a modern platform that enables storing of text, images, audio or video in a user-friendly manner. The websites with static HTML web pages are now transformed into new age Rich Internet Applications that offers extended user interactions. With a wide knowledge of technologies, AES offers the top-notch rich internet applications that expand your sales reach. Our RIA fulfills your business needs and goals with user-friendly UI, advanced features, and robust functionality.

  • Customizing RIA application
  • RIA design and development in Angular JS with CSS standards
  • Custom RIA design and development
  • RIA consulting
  • Design and development reusable javascript and Ajax components
Why Rich Internet Application








RIA enables the access of advanced functionalities such as drag and drop and other options available for the desktop applications.

RIA is famous for its one-page application which reduces the clicks made on the web pages and minimizes the waiting time.

The user can take advantage of visualizing the product and customizing or personalizing the service offerings.