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Real Estate – Web & CRM


Cyber Heights, Lucknow


Villa, Apartments,Row Houses


Status: Live

Views: Increased by 126%

Bounce Rate: Decreased by 19%

CRM: Yes

Content Designing: Yes

Load Time: Less than 15 Sec

Online Conversions: 66%

Brief Case Study

The website for Lucknow  based Tulsiani Group was way out of date. It also had developed some page display problems that occurred during some routine updates from the previous web developer. When Team AUGURS connected with an employee of Tulsiani Group, they learned about AUGURS Technologies and set up a time to meet with the team.

In approaching the complete makeover of the Tulsiani Group site, we emphasized one thing. We didn’t want the site look like a typical real estate website. At the same time, we wanted to properly reflect the long-term affiliation with the group.

We also had developed a quite diverse portfolio of new services that served the real estate market from different vantage points including corporate relocation.

The Augurs team went to work designing a site that captured the company’s personality and professionalism while celebrating the landscape diversity that is found in Lucknow. We worked collaboratively to map out a new website taxonomy, which involved the consolidation of some pages and expansion of others. Keyword research was conducted for every page on the site. Subsequently, onsite content was optimized by MoreVisibility’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists to ensure a smooth, SEO-friendly transition from the old site to the new site.


Additional IT Support
Additionally, AUGURS Technologies also provided the services for Cloud & VPS hosting along with AntiVirus, SSL and Technical Assistance onsite.
Project Walkthrough
AUGURS Technologies has an in-house team who dedicatedly works on creating a world class HD walkthroughs(2D & 3D) for various Real Estate companies
Online & Offline Promotion
AUGURS Technologies Media and Production team has a versatile team of go-getters who are capable for any and every type of even be it for online promotion or offline in Media and Radio
An year long support, every year our clients in Real Estate industry praise us for our amazing support system and our support ticket system makes a topping over the cake.