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PhoneGap App Development Services

PhoneGap App Development

Our Custom PhoneGap App Solutions Assist Enterprises to drive maximum return on their IT Investments and Capitalize on Increased Sales Opportunities.

PhoneGap is an open source framework highly useful in building cross-platform mobile applications with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It’s a developer-friendly software as it allows mobile developers to use their present skills instead of beginning afresh. So if you are looking for a platform where you can create apps running on more than one device sans the need to change code base then PhoneGap is your answer.

This mobile app development framework is highly preferred by the entrepreneurs for building cost-effective mobile applications while it is helpful to the developer in the incorporation of new options without presenting any issues. Here at Augurs, we have adept and dedicated PhoneGap developers offering brilliant custom cross-platform mobile application development services. This way you get to build useful, scalable and robust apps. These developers build simple and useful PhoneGap mobile web apps just as per the requirements of your business, thus offering great results and boosting the ROI.

Supportive Platforms

Phone gap is a technology which supporting multi mobile platforms to develop their applications, i.e. iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Bada, Symbian.

Fast and Cost Effective Solution

Phone gap apps are for specific target audiences who are looking for fast, robust and cross-platform solutions.

Popular Technology

Phone gap is becoming the most popular technology among technologies are being used for mobile app development.

usability & design86%

Cost-effective on account of mobile platform independent app


Build speedy, trouble-free and plain mobile web apps


Develop native apps with one-time code for iOS, BlackBerry and Android



Why Augurs for PhoneGap App?

  • Follow a precise testing approach to get a bug-free result
  • Utmost significance to project confidentiality and transparency
  • Improved business output with comprehensible solutions
  • Security & excellent services for all apps on all platforms at affordable rates
  • Reduced costs with our User-friendly interface design
  • Responsive 24 * 7 hours technical and maintenance support
  • Skilled PhoneGap App developers
  • Team of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS experts
  • Project delivery in a timely manner
  • Instant solution for problems occurs at some point in the development phase

Highly Popular Frameworks for Cross-Platform App Development


It is one of the leading frameworks for Microsoft to build apps using cross-platform. It helps to develop cross-platform applications across Android, iOS and Windows platforms. It uses C# to enable code sharing and it provides a seamless experience for the users.

React Native

React Native is simply used for developing mobile apps. It helps to build cross-platform mobile apps effectively and shows its functionalities such as running new codes and dropping down to codes based on native apps that can be used for further development.


This is an advanced and famous framework that is used to develop hybrid cross-platform applications. This framework is built on top of Angular JS and helps to develop apps using the latest web-based technologies which include CSS, HTML5, and Sass.

Services We Offer

PhoneGap App UI/UX Design

We are experts at creating intuitive UI/UX design for cross-platform apps that work like native apps. Also, they will keep your users coming back for more.

PhoneGap Business App Development

Augurs the mobile team is adept at testing the compatibility of cross platforms apps on major mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows etc.

PhoneGap App Testing

Our mobile team is adept at testing the compatibility of cross platforms apps on all major mobile OS like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

PhoneGap App Integration

We integrate mobile applications with smart devices for geotargeting, health monitoring, augmented reality, and more.

PhoneGap Application Porting

If you want to port your PhoneGap application to iOS or Android, our mobile app team can do it with ease and the best possible utilization of reusable code.

PhoneGap Application Maintenance

Our application development team will not just develop your app. They will also keep it maintained and ensure that it remains up to date and bug-free.