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Node.js Development Services

Node.js Development Company

Being one of the pioneered Node.js web & mobile app development service providers, we at Augurs are in the business of delivering accomplished applications. Whether it is about plug-in and module development solutions or an app development requirement, we have been catering to the requirements of small and large-sized business modules.

Having a flair for the node.js development projects, the versatility of our developers lies in acquiring the business goals with Node.js development. The requirement to hire Node.js developers thus suits specifically when custom Node.js solutions are to be developed depending upon the specified modules. Therefore, come to us, give a start to your web application and achieve your business goals. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional results with the Node.js application development in order to bring success to the clients’ business.


business analyst

Filling clients’ and the company’s communication gap


Accomplishing requirements with frequent meetings & PMS


Aims at initiating and concluding project development


Ensuring flawlessness in project development


Arranging the project to be delivered to the clients


Complete client assistance


It is easy to develop real-time web apps with the help of the Node.js framework. Multi-user applications can be created for chat or game apps.


It is easy to code JavaScript for both server and client sites. Thus, data transfer is efficient and well synchronized between server and client.


Node.js operates at high speed and performs web applications actions like reading, writing or file system very fast with high accuracy rate.

Benefits of Node.JS

  • Amazing & rich web applications.

  • Low-level API and real-time web socket programming facility.

  • Rich set of community-driven open source modules.

  • Efficient support for web projects of high load.

  • Fast and extendable network application development.

  • Non-blocking and an event-driven I/O model.

  • Easy updating, sharing, as well as the opportunity for code reuse.

  • Best fit for real-time web applications.

Advantages of Node.JS

  • Considering Augurs one of the best node.js development company, we realize the business needs our clients and we have the best node.js development services to cater to our client needs.

  • Our expertise in delivering the best web applications, we provide excellent client care too.

  • We let you hire node.js developers who breathe coding – They deliver fast performing node.js applications.

  • Augurs team has fanatically deployed multifaceted projects by satisfying numerous clients from Europe, the US and other countries across the world, ranging from small to large enterprise application development.


Why Augurs for NodeJs Development?

  • We develop user-friendly, all browser and all devices compatible websites.

  • You’ll get a dedicated account manager and team for real-time maintenance & support during entire project execution.

  • We offer flexible engagement models for our clients.

  • You can get independently verified customer reviews.

  • Our developers adhere strictly to international coding guidelines & standards, quality, and timely project delivery.

  • Our project solutions offer seamless integration with other codes and APIs.

  • Prior to starting the development process, our project managers will thoroughly discuss your goals & requirements to ensure that you get the precise solution what you paid for.

  • You are bound to get the best value for money with us.

Node.js Development Services

We are a Renowned Node.js Development Service Provider Catering To Divers Industry Verticals With Our Bespoke and Modular Web Services.

Node.js Customization

Get Node.js customized mobile application development services helpful in the development of a great website.

Web Application Development

This is the framework used by our developers for the creation of real-time and scalable web applications.

Node.js plugin

Our Node.js developers use this plugin to write the back-end in JavaScript. Here the great services are ensured at affordable prices.

Real-time statistics

Our adept Node.js developers build a real-time web analytics. Here the implementation is simple yet fully-functional.

Integration Solution

This process of merging development work with the master several times a day / constantly is done best by our Node.js developers.

Back-end Dashboards

With the help of our efficient developers, it’s a lot easier to create a back-end for the web. Be ready to build an app with a web backend.

Dedicated Hiring Solutions

With Augurs it’s easy to hire skilled and dedicated developers. These developers meet all your business requirements.

Mobile App Services

Our skilled developers allow you to build and run mobile backends using Node.js on App service. You can easily build Mobile API.

UX/UI Development

Our proficient Node.js developers offer real-time services. These developers are able to develop advanced and amazing UI/UX.