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Education ERP Software

Meets educational demands. Creates endless campus possibilities. Better access to student or staff information.


EduAUG– campus management suite is a novelty solution of AUGURS Technologies Private Limited. The product aims to provide technical support for educational institutions by automating the complex data management process. When the demand for the education becomes higher, the institutions face difficulties in handling the activities including admissions, section wise student information, students or staff attendance, student examinations, results, course management, and records on passed out students.

Our end to end education ERP solution is designed to suit any educational institution by automating their campus administration, student or staff management, attendance, inventory management, Finance, and payroll processes. The EduAUG is a web-based software that requires no installation and works seamlessly on the web browser with the Internet connection. Our campus management software acts as a campus information system by providing excellent access to the student data, empower staffs to access the HR or payroll features, allows sharing of information to internal or external locations, build user relationships and enables clear communication between management, staffs, and students.


EduAUG education ERP suite takes charge of:



    Automated attendance management system enables the students or teachers to maintain their attendance.


    Facilitates the students to enroll in a new account, access their course or academic information and pay their fees online.


    EduAUG maintains a centralized database for storing of student or staff information, administration, payroll, HR, accounts, students or staff attendance, course information, and staff or students performance — this allows the user of any departments to access of student or staff information.


    AUGURS education ERP allows staffs to add or update the student/ staff attendance, grades and provides access to accurate, real-time information whenever required.


    Enables the management to handle the available resources and funds efficiently and take effective business decisions.


    Brainstem allows users to track the metrics on real-time, assists in the day to day operations and engages the users with periodic reporting.

  • Student Information System
  • HR Management
  • Students & Staff Attendance
  • Hostel Management System
  • Library Management System
  • System Reports & Summary
  • Inventory and store management
  • Course Management
  • Integrations
One Year
Monthly or Yearly Fee Collection Reports

Department wise Report

Faculty Wise Report

Student Wise Report

Service Summary

Fee Printing

Character Certificate

Admission Register

Transfer Certificate

Admission Register

Additional Reports


Collection Summary Report.

Collection Comparison

EduAUG module improves the student engagement with the software by managing their fee and course information.
It streamlines the fee processing by capturing various types of student fees and assists in the scheduling of fee collection.
It provides role-based access to the users by facilitating can access the payments, manage the fees & generate the report.

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