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A no-clutter, easy-to-navigate site for optimal user experience.

Complete Responsive website so your customer can see all your products etc in any computer , tablet or in mobile without any problem.We implement strategic call-to-action content on the website to drive sales.

We design websites that carry corporate look- n-feel that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors. We offer highly affordable shopping cart system for B2C or B2B ecommerce.

Complete Ecommerce Solutions with full fledged admin panel and loaded with lots of Killer features so you can have best control over the website.

Any payment gateway which suites your business will be implemented by us Payment Gateway Integration.

An ecommerce website is highly dynamic and needs to be well maintained and well managed.

We manage & update your site as per requirements and changing market trends to make sure you always stay ahead of the competition. As an ecommerce website development and design company, our focus is on delivering an ecommerce site that has a rich & pleasant design along with the best functionality an online shopping site can offer.

With our team of design, development & marketing experts, we leave no stone unturned to ensure success for your ecommerce business. We take a result-oriented approach towards your project, we totally understand that revenue & sales is the ultimate goal, and hence with our SEO efforts, we focus on keywords that are most relevant to what your business offers to ensure your site is driving desired traffic only that ultimately results in high conversion rates. We pay special attention to your ecommerce website design to make sure it’s visually appealing to your visitors.

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A Sweet New Website

Gabbars had a variety of products and services to offer, and they needed a versatile website that could accommodate their growing product inventory and training initiatives in a user-friendly environment. They asked us to:

  1. They asked us to build the platform on more robust platform that supported deep customization and flexible sales and pricing capabilities
  2. Allow for quick changes to incorporate new content, products and marketing initiatives that supported improved metrics tracking features for team members
  3. Develop an engaging and fun brand atmosphere for a simple and enjoyable user experience.

RESEARCH, PLANNING & DESIGN: We began with a comprehensive audit for Gabbars product inventory and possibilities of web traffic . After the research phase, we conceptualized a site architecture that allowed for simple product categorization, improved search returns, and automated order fulfillment. Throughout the process, we worked closely with the Gabbars team to ensure fulfillment of all requirements.


Development began with a platform WooCommerce, a CMS that provided much more control over inventory.


A custom integration with Amazon API  streamlined the business process and allowed for easy order automation


We emphasized responsive functionality throughout development, and after testing launched a fully-functional web solution.

  • CMS integration
  • Multi Product Images
  • One Page Check Out
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Status Tracking
  • Most Viewed Products
  • Order Notification

Turn shoppers into your affiliates by creating affiliate programs and accelerate sales rapidly.

Attract customers and turn visitors into shoppers with discounts

Boost customer confidence with secure payment gateways such as Paypal, Google Wallet, Authorize.net, First Data, BrainTree, and Stripe.

Through effective B2B strategies and software solutions, we can position you for success in any segment of the market.

Project Facts

The team consisted of a Project Manager, A Senior Team Lead, Two Developers, One Web Designer all working in sync with client to achieve the desired result and deliverables.
Weeks of Efforts
Different API's
Yearly Sales Growth
Third Party Enhancements
Growth in Organic Traffic
Increase in New Business
Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate
Unique Visitors Monthly
Reduction in Returns