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AUGURS Technologies can help you create bots that enable your employees to increase their productivity, improve business workflows and enable them to make full use of your existing software tools such as CRM, ERP, HR, and accounting among several others.

The best part – your bots can be integrated with either your proprietary chat tools or third-party ones. Develop bots for Skype, web chat, direct line, Email Office 365, Facebook Messenger, GroupMe, Kik, Slack, SMS, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

Manage employee rewards, leave requests and recognition programs

Handle CRM software to get a 360-degree view of your customers

Specific workflow bots can speed up approvals

Generating expense and income reports is easy

Quick insights can be generated in real-time by entering just a few commands or using natural language

  • Managers can get alerts regarding project delays
  • Service bots can assist field service technicians in their work
  • Virtual assistants can provide customer service and also work as your sales representative
  • Bots can carry out most of the work of administrative assistants such as scheduling meetings
  • Employees have to spend less time on learning new software applications
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A Financing Organisation required a reliable and easy-to-understand solution to facilitate Investors. It needed a solution that can effectively be used to manage all the tasks that are normally carried out by an Investing Company and is easy to understand for all the employees of the company. AUGURS created multiple bots and integrated them into the communication channels of the company for Various Social Media Platforms. These bots send out messages with important information and automate tasks to save up on time as well as costs.

“Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) mean that bots are increasingly capable of not just helping office workers perform tasks more efficiently, but in some cases, take over that role completely.”

The bots that we developed for the Finance Company helps it with Investors, Lenders, their profiles, their plans etc. These bots are helping the company increase the efficiency of its employees and also produce higher quality products.

Simplifies workflow
Offers Real time updates
Sends alerts and automates tasks
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Open-source
  • Community modules
  • Source-controlled
  • Bot templates
  • Rapid development
  • Automated testing
Customer Says
Robert Wong
Big Data Architect

My experience with Augurs was great. They are very professional and understood my requirements for website very quickly. Highly recommended and they will be my first choice for my website promotion also


We’ve been working with AugursTech for more than 2 years, that’s because we didn’t find just a freelancer but a real TREASURE! During this time they showed and proofed us that for them nothing is impossible. AugursTech can really do everything, because they have a strong and deep knowledge in the latest technologies. Their support is incredible! they are always available to clarify any doubt or help you may need. We are delighted to continue our successful collaboration. Thank you for all.


We liked working with Augurstech. They are professional and competitive. They also do their best to satisfy the customer and are very responsive. They always have a solution to provide.

BU Sublimation

Excellent Job. Always there to help ,advise and give their input to make the project work. Never give up Great things take time. The result is the most important. Good job Gentlemen we will use you again and promote your Company. Thank you.

Mr. Dudson

Augurs Technologies was great and had done everything exactly the way our Company needed it. They are Professional and get the work done exactly as the way you want it. Ours was an ERP for our company, so certainly they can handle the bigger and challenging projects; communication wasn’t a barrier and the team was very precise and accurate about the request we had

Rene RC

Very nice and hardworking crew. We did have a complex assignment, and except for some final fine adjustments, that we will end up doing ourselves, we got the product we wanted.

Sr. Manager

AUGURS Technologies had very good understanding of the work scope , very responsive in clarifying any areas of uncertainties along the way and more importantly, was able to get the project done quickly and precisely. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


We liked working with Augurs Technologies. They are professional and competitive. They also do their best to satisfy the customer and are very responsive. They always have a solution to provide.

Brian Harkin

Superb developers with great communication. I will be using the developers at Augurs regularly on new projects. Great Company. Delivered on time and communication was superb. I would highly recommend the developers at Augurs.

Katharina Espinza
FemmeBody Australia
Managing Director

It was an amazing experience working with AUGURS Technologies—always responded to our queries, was efficient and completed the task set. It turned out so important for as coz we were able to focus on other important works for other areas of business that needed our attention. Communication was clear and time was made to understand what exactly was needed to meet the goals required.

Anil Kumar Tulsiani
Tulsiani Constructions & Developers
Chief Managing Director

Great work done by AUGURS Technologies, delivered value to the money we invested into the development. Very trustworthy group to work with, they definitely know their work. Highly recommended customer support and always available for customer support and troubleshooting.

Ranjeet Bahadur Srivastava
Barabanki Municipal Corporation

Nawabganj Munical Corporation under Uttar Pradesh Government, hired, AUGURS Technologies, for development of an Online Tax collection portal. They did a splendid job by delivering us the much required output.

Pradeep Singh Chauhan
Charak Group of Hospitals
Managing Director

Team AUGURS was exceptional in delivering a Hospital ERP, integrated the Software with Lab Machines and was successful in upgrading the software to HL7 compliance’s. They met all our requirements and supported well during the deployment of Software.

Deependra Dwivedi
Deep Education Ltd
Managing Director

AUGURS is the best team to work with, they have, a great pool of dedicated developers and designers, working to deliver you a niche quality and cost effective solution. We hired them for development of an Online Examination portal to conduct exams for students, they delivered much more than we expected with an amazing UI. Great Team and great Support.

Simon Arrigo
Oswald Arrigo Ltd

We have been working with AUGURS Technologies for more than 2 years now and not even once the team has disappointed us. Every time, this team, surprises us with their work and excellent communication. The team is so patient and sport and supportive at all the fronts.


Our developers utilize the latest Telegram bot API to deliver high-end bot development services to businesses irrespective of any industry.

Our LinkedIn bot developers help organizations innovate their existing workplace by developing slack bot tailored to their business needs.

Our highly experienced bot developers offer best practices in Facebook Messenger bot design and development.

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Simply defined, bots are software that can conduct automated interactions with people in real time. Instead of making an entire app, you can now make a bot for any popular platforms such as Facebook or Telegram to interact, engage and even transact with your users.
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