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AngularJS Development

AngularJS is developed and maintained by Google. AngularJS enhances the features of HTML to build a very interactive and dynamic user interface for websites and mobile applications. As the booster of HTML, a major traction is given to AngularJS.

Get Single Page Application (SPA)

A Framework for the web, mobile, and native applications. It has conquered JavaScript powers to develop the front end and Single Page Applications. AngularJS development is well structured and dynamic which makes developers possible to build clear and flexible code. AngularJS Development Company brings out this experience. This is a very reliable and flexible framework for developing Gmail like applications.

AngularJs Offers smart new Features

AngularJS development companies are choosing AngularJS over any other web developing framework because of the advantages provided by the AngularJS which makes it stand out from the rest. Features like Data Binding, MVC, Scope, Routing, Deep linking, Controller, Services, Dependency Injections, Cross-platform app development, and unit testing makes possible to develop a robust, clean and dynamic apps.

It is a Complete Client-Side Solution

AngularJS Web Development Company India gives a solid set of solution to the client-side applications. AngularJS features like form validation, dependencies and data binding gives an interconnected set of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application is build using AngularJS. Directory layouts speed the applications. Apps are bug-free and give persistent performances as are end-to-end tested.

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Single Page Applications using AngularJS (SPA)


Real-Time Web / Mobile Applications using Angular, Socket.io


Complete AngularJS Development Cycle


AngularJS Web & Mobile App Development Services

Why AngularJS?

AngularJS is a booster for HTML. If you are looking forward to enhancing the effect of HTML and make the most of it, all you need is a dash of Angular.JS and an excellent product is ready for you! By overpowering JavaScript framework, AngularJS has proved a blessing for the visitors using Google browsers. It has even surpassed in the performance of applications compared to those of competitor sites that aren’t developed in JavaScript.

AngularJS reaps maximum advantage when used for front-end development and single page applications. It can be the best choice if you want to create applications somewhat similar to Google Analytics, Gmail, Real-Time Applications and many others. Being robust and speedy in the process, AngularJS is truly a developer’s delight. And, yes, that is the reason; we at our angularJS development company Augurs have utilized it to best action for creating around one hundred thousand websites and web applications.

Our seasoned AngularJS developers have their expertise in creating wonderful user interfaces, which in turn result in highly interactive and dynamic websites. Want the Angular edge? Let us serve you groundbreaking solutions in custom web app development.

Our Services

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AngularJS customization

It is beneficial to customize the appearance of the business website as per the requirements and this is possible with AngularJS customization services.

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Web Application Development

Get experienced AngularJS web developers of AngularJS web development company India delivering great services so it’s easy to create the wonderful website.

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Plugin Development

AngularJS is an amazing JavaScript framework useful in creating effective plugins helpful in the development of AngularJS applications.

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AngularJS Portal Development

With the help of AngularJS technology it is easier to build the simple and enticing portal system with floating panels.

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AngularJS eCommerce Development

Developing a helpful and feature-rich shopping cart is a lot easier with the help of AngularJS that offers great eCommerce solutions.

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AngularJS UX/UI Development

With AngularJS Web Development Company India, it’s easy to get cost-effective and efficient UX/UI development services as our skilled developers offer great solutions.