Mobile App Development Services HongKong

Mobile App Development

Looking to build the next killer iPhone or Android app? If you had the greatest idea for the next iPhone application or Android mobile application but lack the technical expertise, Augurs can help you to develop and bring the application to life. We are able to build what you desire whether it is a useful office application or an exciting game.

Why choose Augurs to develop this mobile application?

The Augurs team consists of experienced developers and web designers located in Hong Kong with expertise in mobile app development services Hong Kong. Building an iPhone or Android application is only the first step in creating the product. Our web development and design expertise will link your application to the Internet and allows you to market the application. Augurs will provide you a complete package for mobile application development.

We are able to do all this at a perfect balance of price and quality. You can take a look at similar services offered by our competitors and you will find that our services trounce theirs in both price and quality. How do we do it? We are experts in application development and we create mobile applications in the most efficient way.

Approach to Mobile App Development in Hong Kong

Our process for mobile app development services involves working closely with you to ensure that our final product reflects your needs.

  • Understand business problem: Our engagements start with understanding your business goals.

  • Collaborative: Our engineers and designers collaborate closely with you to solve problems using product-driven perspectives. We collaborate frequently and early on with your team in the development process.

  • Continuous deployment: We frequently deploy our applications so that user feedback can be collected and incorporated into the product at every stage of development. This approach ensures products are stable.

  • Maximising innovation: We use internal and external open source technologies to give your projects a head start and maximize time pursuing innovations and new ideas for your product.

Therefore, if you have been looking forward to partner with an industry expert who excels in this domain, then no need to look any further than Augurs Technologies.

We provide highly digitilized applications, software, and web development services with variety and cope up with rapidly accelerating technologies across globally.



Augurs develop native Apple iOS apps that work well on iPhone and with extended features on iPad.


Our native Android apps work great on Samsung, Sony, LG, Nexus and other major brands.


Extending your marketing effort to WeChat/ Wei Xin, leading instant messenger in China.


Translating your brand into a coherent online experience to achieve your business objectives.

User Experience

UX is everything, we make sure your target audiences always enjoy surfing your website.


You can control the content on your app with our user-friendly CMS.


Our experienced Project Manager delivers your project on-time and on-budget.


We will help you to maintain your apps on App Store and Google Play.