Magento E-Commerce Development Services London UK

Magento E-Commerce Development

Augurs is a leading Singapore based Magento development company that provides expert Magento eCommerce development services to the clients in Singapore, UK (London), USA, Australia, and Europe. Being a Magento Professional Solutions Partner in Singapore and UK (London), we have a proven track record in designing, developing, and successfully delivering eCommerce portals. Our Magento team comprises of highly skilled and experienced professionals, including Magento certified developers and can design and develop fully responsive and mobile-friendly eCommerce stores.

  • Powerful GUI frameworks include PyGTK, PyQt, wxPython
  • Various well maintained libraries
  • Reliable web frameworks include Django, Zope, CherryPy
  • Powerful IDEs: Eclipse with PyDev, PyCharm
  • Outofthebox availability on Mac OS X/Linux/ FreeBSD platforms
  • It is easy to learn Python
  • Easy access to platform documentation
  • Simple distribution of python packages via Python Eggs
  • On Python, it is easy to use cloud hosting via Google App Engine (GAE)
  • Designing, programming, and implementation
  • Application development and support
  • Python Game Development and support
  • Python Web Development and support
  • Directory integration
  • Scaling and optimization
  • Porting of legacy applications into python
  • Porting legacy apps to Python-based apps
  • Client/Server interfacing to leverage existing tools

Our Competencies

  • We, being a custom Python web development company, providing fast-paced web development services across various industries and geographies.
  • Our rich expertise in this domain has enabled us to build a variety of engaging applications, web development, and backend development.
  • Since inception, our dedicated Python development team has delivered 6+ Python web projects using the Django framework.
  • We ensure optimized and clearly coded Django web development solutions for splendid user experience.
Not just a Software Company . A real Digital Agency!

Our Services

Web Application Development

An elite and full spectrum of Python development services to develop scalable web applications is our aim. Hire Python developers to develop unique, customer oriented platform to unparalleled front-end user experience to drive business growth leveraging custom Python development solutions.

Prototype Development

Our rich experience of more than a decade in Python development services has helped us in designing and developing quality prototypes with Django integration and other frameworks that result in fast, secure, database driven web-based applications.

Migration Services

It’s vital to update use the updated version for any technology. Hence we help our esteemed clients in Python migration from an older version to the new (3.6.5). We also help migration services for Python Django, Java to Python, Jython to Python, to Python, PHP to Python etc and vice versa.

Support & Maintenance

We value our customers and hence it is in our DNA to provide instant support and maintenance services to our clients for anything related to Python web development services to provide a complete package of Python web services.