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Link Building for SEO : A Beginner’s guide 2019

Link Building & It’s Importance

It’s no secret Link Building is one of the most important factors of SEO, you need to learn if you are in SEO industry. Or we can say, If you want to get more search engine traffic and improve your ranking on different Search engines link building is must.

You are beginner or master in link building, definitely in this article you are going to find something new. In this article I am going to discuss about link building from basics.

Let’s start right in.

What is Link Building?

Simply link building is the process of getting other websites links get back to your website. Many digital marketers are using this link building technique to get more referral traffic and to boost their website ranking in Search engines.You all are aware with the Google Algorithms that changes frequently but link building is that factor of SEO which never changes. Techniques of link building remains constant every time.

Building Links is one of the many tactics used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because links are the sign for the google that your website have quality resources. Therefore, sites with the more quality backlinks tend to earn high rankings.

Link Building Factors:

If you are planning to build quality links on your website, you have to checkout these factors:

1. Page Rank:Link-Building-Techniques

Page rank is the important metric used by Google. when you are going to build links on any website, make sure to check out what the page rank of the website where you are going to create links. The higher the page rank, the higher page rank juice it can give to your website.

2. Relevance:

Read the content of the website and try to figure out what is website is all about. If this is a Photographers website and you are pointing to a software development website, then your link will get a minimal value.

3. Quality of Articles:

Make sure that the article surrounding your desired link is not “thin content” or plagiarized content. If the content of website you are planning to get link from is penalized by Google then your website can also get penalized by Google.

4. Anchor Text:

Are you searching for Anchor Text of exact match? Always keep in mind, anchor text is the great signal to search engine about what your link is all about. Having the right anchor text increase the chances to appear in SERP and also proves to be one of the important Link Building factor.

5. Dofollow/Nofollow Links:

Do follow links are those links which increase your page rank that directly affects your ranking on search engine. On the other side, Nofollow links are those links that only increases your trust-rank which does not directly affect your ranking but you can get good traffic from no-follow links.

6. Link Placement:

Where you place your link really affects your link. when it comes to Link Placement make sure your link is placed at header or upper body of the content because it increases the CTR (Click Through Rate).

7. Click-through-rate (CTR):

The more number of clicks tells to google that your website has good article, proper placement of anchor text and good relevance. Click-through-rate transfers more page rank juice to your website.

Link Building Techniques:

After knowing all the relevant factor on Link building, move on what are the best techniques, we have to implement during Link Building.

1. Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is the most common way to build links. There are millions of blogs with millions of niches present on the internet. Among all those blogs, most of blogs are nofollow. While commenting on your related niche, at least you can find some recognition over the internet.

For Blog commenting you have to enter your name, your email id and somewhere your website link too. And in this way you can get a backlink from a respected or recognized blog. However most of the digital marketers are not using this technique right away.

2. Directory Listing:

This is the most popular way of getting more visitors to your website. There are so many directories who give you backlinks no tomorrow. You can get backlink as soon as you sigh up in a particular directory.
Not all the directories are same. Some do not hold good reputation but some of all directories holds good reputation on Google search engine.

3. Forum Posting:

Forum Posting is the most abused link building technique, most SEO specialists are using.It is like instant win for your website if you have lots of posts in different topics and pages.

4. Creating Web 2.0 Sites:

There are lots of blogging websites and web 2.0 websites from where you can easily find quality backlinks. Blogger, WordPress.com, Tumblr, Weebly, Jimdo, Posterous, Typepad, Mix, Digg, Delicious etc. you can easily create your account in these sites.

Creating your account means you have your own page, either it’s a profile page, your post or blog page, or your Bookmark page. So that you have full control of your page. You can create as many links as you want on your particular page.

5. Article Submission:

Article submission is one of the best Link Building techniques. There are lots of high authority article submission sites from which we can get quality backlinks. Medium, Evernote, Tumblr, Blogger are some of the best article submission sites.

You can publish your favorite article on these sites and gain links. Sometimes it happens too if your article of your website is not ranking well in SERP but through article submission sites it appear on search engine, and you can drive traffic to your own website.

6. Broken Link Building:Link-Building-Techniques

Search out other website’s broken links related to your niche. You can do this by screaming frog software. Recreate a suitable content for the broken link, and inform the owner of the website about his broken link, and then you can pitch him to put your link on your niche to replace his broken link to a live link.

7. Guest Posting:

If you read somebody’s niches approach him to let you contribute on his blog. Guest posting is the organic way to build backlinks to your website.
Guest posting is not that much easy task. First you have to create a good article (full of information). Second approach the blogowner to give you permission as a guest blogger on his website. At the last, give such a stuff to blogowner, he can not wait to publish it on his blog. No Blogowner wants to publish any thin content on his blog.

Benefits of Link Building:

1. High Page Rank:

High quality links results higher page rank because it is the main metric of quality and quantity of such.

2. Boost in Traffic:

If a lots of quality links are pointing to your website, the more chances to get a boost in refferal traffic from those websites. Havince more links result increase in traffic.

3. Brand Marketing:

Obviously if the visitors surfing arround your niche will continuouly find your niche in other blogging site, your brand will stick in their memory. Therefore having good quality of backlinks contributes to your brand marketing.

4. Improve Inbound Marketing:

People starts to search for your brand in search engine once your brand is stuck in their heads. And it is the first step for your inbound marketing. You have links in your niche and throgh this inbound marketing improves.

5. Improve SERP Ranking:

If your pageRank is good then you will have better chances to rank for your targeted keywords.

6. Increased TrustRank:

I have mentioned above in my article that nofollow link pass on TrustRank. Having more TrustRank means many high authority trust on your website enough to pass their traffic to your website.

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