Exploring The Future of Customer Engagement with Bot
With expectations set so high, be prepared to see a lot of frustration and disappointment as reality sets in.
…With expectations set so high, be prepared to see a lot of frustration and disappointment as reality sets in.

Providing services to a customer via a chatbot for business could be similar to what businesses might do via their app or website. The chatbot has the advantage over the app and website in that it can be used inside the chat application itself. It has the advantage over the app that it doesn’t need to be downloaded and the user doesn’t need to be authenticated.

From the business point of view, developing a chatbot is also materially cheaper than developing an app (especially if you use a bot framework).

Customer engagement via the chatbot could, therefore, cover any service that might be offered using an app. Other blog posts have compared the relative merits of apps versus chatbots so I won’t do that in detail here.

There is a much more important point where bots are concerned however.

  • Big advantage over traditional messages on email or sms
  • Bots allow customers to act on the message immediately.
  • Interesting ideas for customer engagement
  • Interact with the customer by voice over the phone
  • Start a conversation with the bot on one platform
  • Improve customer engagement.
  • Removes a lot of friction
  • Result in higher conversions.
  • Forms of push marketing
  • Competitions via the bot.
  • Purchase and share
  • Potential to revolutionize customer engagement
The friction involved in terms of a customer getting very specific help from a human would be massively reduced.
What may ultimately happen is that human in the loop will be used for far more than just customer support.
The bot would be able to chat with the customer about the product at hand.

Hopefully the above thoughts give you some inspiration as to how chatbots can improve your ability to engage with customers. Bots have the potential to revolutionize customer engagement particularly in their ability to allow customers to do things directly in the chat channel and to interact with the bot in groups. In addition, bots allow humans to be introduced into the conversation at exactly the right time, at the moment when the human engagement with customers with be of the highest value.