Transforming its IT infrastructure and transitions to public cloud- Case Studies.

A platform with intelligence helps to turn complex inputs into actionable results by providing top managerial features that Enhance your ability to plan intelligently across your organization.


Under the traditional form of construction procurement, the link between contracts and suppliers have typically concerned specific products and services priced to the lowest bidder. Thus multiple players have often functioned according to separate contracts with the client.

The client wanted us to build an independent procurement team, implement transparent central management, and build a unified national supply chain management electronic platform to save the overall cost of real estate development for the group To enhance competitiveness.

The Chairman wanted a new supply chain management platform is for members of the New World family, including but not limited to New World China's project companies, contractors and suppliers.

What Augurs Did

A personal dashboard focused on agenda planning and priorities management

The modules we worked on:

Vendor Module: It is for registering external vendors to our system who provides different services related to constructions. It includes different approval processes, vendor Credit check, vendor watch-list etc.
Tender Module: This is one of the major module in which new Project, Tenders can be created. Different features of this module includes Vendor selection, Tender preparation, Tender issue, Tender addendum, Open tender, Tender Query, Best offer, Tender analysis, Tender Award, Tender report.
Contract Module: After tender award, Contract preparation, managing Letter of award and different contract agreements are being handled in this module.
Material Ordering: This module consists of after contract processes which includes Purchase ordering, Delivery Notes, and Goods receiving notes management and payment applications based on different deliveries.

Value delivered

Higher Overall Profitability-Reduced Operating Cost

Reduced margins for equipment maintenance

AN increase in repeat pairing with progressive clients

Better long-term project planning and coordination

Better responsiveness from delivery facilities

Fewer material defects

Improved client satisfaction

The ability to establish great industry presence and reputation

Additional Capabilities

Intelligent Platform

Enabling Intelligent enterprise transitions and tranformations.


Immediate operational benefits.

AI Implementation

Data Anaylysis and Implemention of Artificial Intelligence.