A Single Platform to Check Credit and Social History- Case Studies.

AUGURS’s New digital advisory tools helped to improve client relationships and advisor experience.


The main challenge was to reduce time spent on daily processes.

The client wanted a single unified platform from where he or his users could check the Credit and Social History of an individual person or an organization. The Challenge here was to build a unified single platform which can perform the credit history check along with the social status be it on google or any other social media platform..

With access to innovative tools that support the advisory process, advisors can focus on high-value activities.

What Augurs Did

A personal dashboard focused on agenda planning and priorities management

Augurs Technologies helped the client to bolster the operations digitally by making a platform where all such data was available under single platform. The new system was designed with top class UI/UX along with a smooth process to check the credit and social history of a person or an organization:

Standardization & Alignment: The Credit information for individual and organizations were digitized, standardized and aligned to the new user platform
Corporate and Individual Login’s for Search: Individual users or Corporates both can sign up to access the details based on searches.
Global Roll Out: e rolled out the cloud-based platform globally and it can be accessed by any type of user once registration was done.
Continuous delivery: The solution was delivered within 8 months across four major releases, demonstrating our ability to continuously deliver value at scale and speed.
API: We developed API for the entire platform which can be used into other platforms for same purpose.

Value delivered

A significant upgrade in productivity

Decision Logic digitally transforming the core business in Credit History Management, from managing the database of credit history to providing valid and genuine information about an individual or be it a corporate.
Lower Cost: Lower overall administrative costs in doing business with an enhance rate of response on all searches.

Streamlined processes: Consistently and rapidly close deals for new or renewed customers in a more streamlined manner. Shorter time to market: With enhanced rate of response on search results, Decision logic is taking these new features to market them. Greater visibility: Drive greater visibility and accountability for business development and sales teams to support decision-making.

Additional Capabilities

Risk Assesment

Monitor its operational risk/return profile

Operational Efficiency

Reduce operational losses

Profile Management

Vendor Profile scan and credit history