Legal Search Engine- Case Studies.

HongKong's biggest Legal Search Engine. we helped a HongKong based legal search engine platform to revamp a new portal for legal searches.


The client wanted to develop a Legal Search Portal for all cases, improving data usability by introducing a greater level of detail.

A single platform to get information and access records to over 3 million litigation records from the courts of Hong Kong dating as far back as 1990 for civil cases and 2005 for criminal cases was not available. The users had to manually request for the case details thus it was tedious job for every user to access such legal information. The old system used an older version of database due to which the results display took ample amount of time.

The Organisation was looking for a roburst and quick result oriented search engine.

What Augurs Did

Creating a safer operational environment

Augurs Technologies helped the client to bolster the operations digitally by making a platform where all such data was available under single platform. The new system improves the existing infrastructure and consolidates all the information for the users onto a single system.

Standardization & Alignment: The Legal litigation information for civil and criminal cases were digitized, standardized and aligned to the new user platform.
Corporate and Individual Login’s for Search: Individual users or Corporates both can sign up to access the details based on searches.
Global Roll Out: We rolled out the cloud-based platform globally and it can be accessed by any type of user once registration was done.
Continuous delivery: The solution was delivered within 4 months across four major releases, demonstrating our ability to continuously deliver value at scale and speed.
API: We developed API for which now be used into other platforms for same purpose.
HTML based data entry into portal from backend thus stopping the manual entry of data which was in the Older System

Value delivered

A significant upgrade in productivity

The Old system was made on platform of JAVA with not a user friendly UI & UX. Also the response time and results were displayed with slow rate and sometimes even the results displayed were not relevant.

We shifted the entire System to a new Platform which was cloud based with enhanced features and top notch UI & UX. Also we enhanced the parameters for the searches for cases which were decades old. We also enhanced the Company profile feature along with Know Your Customer (KYC) using an enhanced version of database which was previously not so efficient. Since we enhanced the Database by using DB2, now the search results are available in less than 2 seconds.

Additional Capabilities

Shorter time to market

With enhanced rate of response on search results, D-LAW is taking these new features to market them.

Greater visibility

Drive greater visibility and accountability for business development and sales teams to support decision-making.

Legal Background Assesment

Legal Background Check for respective portfolios of clients