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Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger on your Website

Implementing a Facebook Messenger Bot is one of the latest communication trends to hit the mainstream digital marketing space, and they have a lot of benefits when compared to standard marketing channels.

I believe that any marketer whether he is a beginner or advanced can save costs and increase tremendous revenue by implementing a Messenger bot on their website.

Here are 5 benefits to keep in mind when you start thinking about  Facebook Messenger marketing.

1. Messenger Chatbots to Save Time and Effort:

Chatbots can be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle all your customers, unlike a human customer service representative. 

You can handle more customers easily and build trust without hiring more people to handle queries of customers.

You can cut a big chunk of customer service handled by human representatives by a significant margin.

Your chatbot can help your business become more productive by working as a personal assistant.

It takes a good bit of work to set up and maintain a chatbot, but the results you will get out of it is certainly worth it.

2. Chatbot Marketing is More Effective than Email Marketing:

Chatbot Marketing is a new and improved version of Email Marketing. 

The simplest and most direct way to send content to the audience through chatbot can result in 60-70% of the huge open rate.

A chatbot can help you to boost engagement and keep Messenger contacts active.

You just need to start with a good welcome message and a call-to-action such as redirecting to your website or directly contacting you.

3. Click-to-Messenger Ads Deliver a 100% Conversion Rate:

Advertising on Facebook is already way better than paying for website traffic or a bunch of leads.

Facebook ads messenger deliver a higher conversion rate as compared to other ads platforms.

Their conversion rate is 100% because you get contact info and are able to message them back in Messenger.

Getting those contacts then lets you take advantage of Facebook Messenger marketing and get a boost on your ROI.

You can also stay in touch with customers, which is made even easier with good chatbot.

It creates a personalized one-on-one channel with them, letting you engage by helping them with their inquiries.

Whenever a customer asks a question, they can get a response right away, plus a human behind it if needed.

4. Chatbots Help You Repurpose Old Content:

Chatbots can give new life to old content the same way they can deliver new content.

Features like chat blasting and drip campaigns can help resurrect old content, and allow you to deliver it in new and engaging ways. 

For example, a chatbot can help you to deliver images, gifs and even survey questions to your targeted audience? 

Bot features like these make the entire content delivery system so much more engaging and interactive for users (hence the high open rates!).

5. Messenger Chatbots Lead Customers Through Sales Funnels:

A good chatbot can take customers through all four major parts of the sales funnel: awareness, interest, decision, and action.

It can make them aware of your content and your business, then build their interest in your products and services.

Those interested enough may then decide on whether they should go through with a purchase.

Your content can further convince them to make a decision, and some of them may then be converted.

Those sales can then be guided by the chatbot as well, from the call-to-action to checkout and payment.

It can also help them track and monitor the delivery of their purchases, making sure they reach them as expected.

The chatbot can then continue to show them more products and services they may be interested in.

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